Mission and Vision

New Enchantment is a U.S. nonprofit environmental organization working in partnership with its sister organization in Brazil, Novo Encanto, to promote environmental awareness, provide hands-on conservation, and help people reconnect to the Enchantments of Nature.


We seek to cultivate understanding of the essential spiritual and material importance of Nature, and work for the preservation and regeneration of the Amazon Rainforest and other vital ecosystems.



Activities that promote the reintegration of humans with Nature, and transform habits and patterns of consumption that are incompatible with environmental preservation. Examples include: recycling, organic vegetable home-gardens, and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and backpacking, to promote first hand experience of Nature's enchantments.


Hands-on, practical projects for the recuperation and conservation of natural areas, and other environmental conservation initiatives in the United States, as well as in Brazil, in close collaboration with Novo Encanto. Researching and fundraising for environmental projects.


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