Meet the Team

Board of Directors

  • Soo Haylet - President (see bio)
  • Don Andre - Secretary (see bio)
  • Chuck Stein - Treasurer (see bio)
  • Gabriela Ranzi - National Coordinator
  • Toni Spoliansky (see bio)
  • Roger Humphry
  • Akasha Grace
  • Patricia Cantuaria
  • Janet Hodges

monitors board edRegional Coordinators (Monitors)

  • New Mexico = Akasha Grace
  • Colorado = Gabriela Ranzi
  • Washington = Martin Brendecke
  • California = Roger Humphrey
  • Florida = Madelyn Montoya
  • Texas = Ryan Hallford

Our regional coordinators (monitors) are volunteers that work within their local regions across the USA. They are responsible for promoting and implementing New Enchantment's activities in close coordination with NE President and Board members.



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