Efficiency and Conservation

Author: Darla Loomis

Some interesting facts and tips about efficiency and conservation


Sustainable Agriculture

Author: Darla Loomis

Some interesting facts about sustainability in agriculture


Seattle 2015

Author: Martin Brendecke

Seattle-mandalaSeattle community has been participating in many ecological activities including taking a road and ferry trip to Double Bluff Beach where we made sand art on the beach; weeding around the "Compost Droids"; planting trees; inner tubing in the Methow River; and facilitating a presentation by Paul Stamets who gave a presentation of how fungi connect everything on earth.  


Norwood 2015

Author: Gabriela Ranzi

group picture backpacking colorado 2015As the Monitor of the New Enchantment, during our 19th Annual Campout, I worked toward some specific things we could all do to lighten our ecological footprint and invited campers to participate in a “Zero Waste Campout Initiative”. We raised the bar and challenged ourselves to drastically reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink how we camp, so we would have less trash into our landfills during our few days of camping. The end result was an 80% decrease in landfill trash. We also had a educational talk about edible plants and nature’s abundance.


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