Environmental Conservation

The "Novo Encanto Seringal" is a 20,000 acre (8125 ha) area of native amazon rainforest (equivalent to 8125 football fields), located at the border of the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Acre within a region of great ecological importance for its biodiversity. 

It was founded in 1991 by our Brazilian sister NGO, Novo Encanto, with the primary objective to preserve the land asa keystone area of the Amazon forest. With 6 springs, 12 streams and 381 identified species of plants, it is now designated as a reserve for ecological diversity.seringal-expeditionThis reserve is an exuberant and pristine landscape, much of which is untouched by colonists and only accessible by boat.  There are no roads on the sanctuary, with only a few walking paths created by local inhabitants and staff.

 Previously, in the early 1900s, the area was a center of cultural and economic convergence, was well organized, and produced enough commodities tomeet the needs of its inhabitants. The families who lived there survived through the extraction of latex during the summer (March-August), the harvest of chestnuts during the winter (September to February),and subsisted through fishing and agriculture. With the end of the rubber boom, the region suffered great social and economic decline and has since become subject to destruction and deforestation by land owners who are clear cutting the forest for cattle and soy for short-term gains.

Seringal-river4Novo Encanto is working to preserve the land from further deforestation and to ensure that as much land as possible remains primitive , so that the finely balanced ecosystem continues to thrive and regenerate. Novo Encanto has to actively monitor the land to stop illegal forest clearing. For this reason, it is vital that the reserve has families that are paid to live on and preserve the land. Developing and maintaining this network of paid staff and inhabitants is the best deterant against the illegal loggers.

NovoEncanto has developed an ecotourism program to support the financial needs to monitor the land. As a part of this program a small part of the reserve has been developed to facilitate group expeditions so that people have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the virgin rainforest,and also to learn about the delicate ecosystem that brings so much life and healing properties.

For more information about these expeditions, visit our partner Travel company Tread Light Travels, or email us directly using our contact form.

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